PARENTS!! Your children's teachers could really use your help - supplies and resources are tight and these things could go a LONG way towards improving the situations in the classrooms. If you can help out with ANY of these things, it would be greatly appreciated!
Please contact Maria Croft, PTA President, at to inquire about making a donation. New and used items are always accepted and a 'Thank You' note will be provided to serve as a receipt for tax purposes, if necessary. Most all teachers need help with programs like the Tuesday Folders and Arts In Action - so if you can donate any of your time, PLEASE email and we will make sure it is arranged with the classroom.
Ms. Carey
  • Class sets of novels $140 per grade level, treats and goodies for motivation
Ms. Sugar
  • Print cartridges, replenishing the First Aid backpacks
Dr. Ted
  • Assist with guidance committee, moving furniture
Mrs. Kirwin
  • Help with Arts in Action on Fridays, a number line, a book shelf
  • Volunteers during Reading class
  • Help preparing Tuesday folders
Mrs. Marku
  • Storage/space solutions, cabinets
Mrs. White
  • A rug, School Aids, BookSmart Kids gift cards
Ms. Evans
  • A set of books for class read aloud, Field Trip assistance